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Our SEO Experts will Fully Analyze your Website

How did you design your website? Did you choose a layout that you thought customers would find attractive, or did you design your website in a manner that you believed would allow your site to rank well on Google? At Datamind, our Malaysia SEO specialists have seen just about every type of website available from websites owned and operated by well-funded multi-million dollar corporations to new websites designed by small startup companies, but regardless of the type of business you own, the size of your existing website, or the amount of traffic that visits your website on daily basis, the SEO experts and web design Malaysia at Datamind begin each campaign by conducting a thorough analysis of your company’s website based on SEO factors disseminated by the top SEO company in the world: Google!

DataMind SEO Website Analysis

Google currently commands 81% of the search engine market share worldwide, which means that 8 out every 10 search engine users choose Google to conduct their searches online, and this search engine giant uses hundred of website ranking factors to judge the quality of the websites that appear in Google’s search results. In fact, Google owns and operates 7,000 websites, and roughly 200 changes are made to these websites per day. Although these websites are used to sell products, they are also used to gather SEO-related information. Every factor that is analyzed by our Miami SEO team at OTM is based on information disseminated by Google. So, when our SEO specialists evaluate your website, they are analyzing four categories of factors that Google has stated impact your website’s organic search rankings. According to Google, in order for a website to rank well in Google’s search results, it needs to be:

✔ Engaging
✔ Reliable
✔ Integrated
✔ Fast

What is Engaging SEO Content?

Every SEO factor used to judge a website’s quality is designed to benefit the user. So, when the Miami SEO specialists at OTM are analyzing a website, they do so from a user’s perspective. The first element is always an analysis of the layout of your website. Google tracks the amount of time each user spends on your website overall, how much time the user spends on each web page, and the amount of times a user presses the back button.

In other words, you website needs to structured for user-navigability. Each person that visits your website should be able to find the information they are looking for easily and quickly. Ease of navigation allows user to find the information that they’re looking for, and as a result, compels them to stay on your website longer, engaging with your website’s content by reading the content, watching videos, posting about your website on social media, etc.

Engaging content also consists of various forms of media that capture the user’s attention while incorporating effective SEO techniques. Does every web page follow a logical structure that communicates a unique message? How do your images, videos, or infographics tie into and relate to the content of each web page? Does each web page have proper headers, meta descriptions, and title tags that incorporate selected keywords? These are just a few of the questions that our SEO specialists will use to judge how SEO-friendly your website and its content are already, because these factors can and do have an impact on how users interact with your website and on how search engines rank and read your website’s content.

Is Reliability an SEO Factor?

Have you ever visited a website that either didn’t load at all or took a really long time to load? If so, you probably got frustrated and left the website. This is a common scenario, and it can have a serious impact on a website’s search engine rankings. When a user visits a page on your website and leaves, this is known as a bounce, and Google tracks the amount of bounces your website experiences. This metric is known as a bounce rate, and a high bounce rate can have a negative impact on your website’s SEO ranking. Normally, high bounce rates are symptom of unreliable websites that either don’t load correctly or load slowly.

Improperly formatted images, too much content on a web page, or an overabundance of ads can all cause loading problems. Moreover, each link within your website needs to be active. Google’s crawlers can tell when a link leads to an inactive web page, and broken or inactive links not only detract from the overall user experience, but are also considered to be indicators of a poor quality website.

Is Website Security an SEO Factor?

Google does use website security as an SEO factor, and Google recommends that you protect website users by utilizing an HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) communication protocol to encrypt the data exchanged between your website and its users. This is a major reliability factor that Google uses to judge the quality of a website from an SEO perspective. Thus, our Miami SEO specialists will evaluate your website’s existing content to ensure that it is secure and reliable. The SEO team at OTM analyzes the format of each image on your website, how secure your website is, whether or not your web pages contain inactive or broken links, and the overall code and structure of your website to determine how reliable it is. The goal is for your website to load as quickly and efficiently as possible regardless of slow internet connections or network interruptions.

Integrated SEO Content?

The message your website conveys should be consistent across all marketing channels. Meaning, your website’s content should be accessible from every type of device and through every digital channel available. This includes local listings such as Google My Business and online directories as well as other digital channels such as social media. A user should never be limited or restricted in how they gain access to your website or content. As such, our Malaysia SEO specialists will analyze your website’s entire online footprint including whether or not your website is optimized for local listings, whether or not users have the ability to access your company’s social media profiles and post to their own social media profiles from your website, and the number of online channels your website uses to give users access to your content from any desktop or mobile device.

Your SEO-Friendly Website Needs to be Fast!

Websites that attain a first-page ranking on Google usually load as quickly as possible. How quickly? Most highly ranked websites load their web pages in under three seconds, especially on mobile devices. In fact, this SEO factor is so important that Google actually created an online tool, page speed insights, for website owners to determine how fast their website’s pages load. Moreover, your website needs to accommodate both mobile and desktop users by using responsive website design techniques. Our SEO MALAYSIA specialists at Datamind analyze how quickly your website loads for both mobile and desktop users, and our team uses the information gained from our analysis to make recommendations on how we can improve elements of your website to make it load as fast as possible.

Keyword Research for SEO done by our Specialists

Keywords are the foundation of any SEO campaign, and at Datamind, our Malaysia SEO experts spend a lot of time researching and evaluating different keywords for our clients. Do you want to know how we research keywords for your company? The process our SEO Malaysia experts use might surprise you.

Keywords from a Malysia SEO Expert’s Perspective

How many keywords would you like your website to rank favourably for? One, five, or maybe six? At OTM, our Malaysia SEO team is trained to dream big, and we use this mentality during every SEO campaign our experts work on. So, if you were thinking five or six keywords, you might be a little surprised when our SEO specialists start discussing 30 keywords for your website, but designing web pages to rank favourably with a number of different high traffic keywords is how successful websites are built.

At Datamind, our Malaysia SEO experts use an SEO-technique known as website information architecture to map the keywords that each web page is designed to rank for on Google’s search results. Website information architecture is used to create a keyword structure for your website that is based on the type of business your company operates and the keywords that correlate to your business. Keywords in general can be separated into two categories:

✔ Short-tail keywords: Keyword phrases consisting of a maximum of three words
✔ Long-tail keywords: Keyword phrases consisting of four or more words

Each page on your website should be designed to incorporate multiple keyword phrases. However, the goal of information architecture is to start with a combination of long-tail and short-tail keywords for your homepage that are broad in nature, and once the home page layout is determined, our Malaysia SEO experts will then design supporting pages that focus on more specific long-tail and short-tail keywords. These supporting pages contain content that explains a specific topic in more detail than than a home page. This technique allows your website to rank well on Google for a large number keywords while avoiding any black-hat SEO techniques, which are SEO techniques that are against Google’s SEO guidelines.

Keyword Search Traffic and Analysis

Another reason SEO experts use a combination of long-tail and short-tail keywords is, each type of keyword has strengths and weaknesses. On one hand, short-tail keywords typically have a massive amount of search volume, but the amount of competition for short-tail keywords is usually very high. Moreover, due to the broad nature of a short-tail keyword, users could be entering their search for a host of different reasons. In contrast, long-tail keywords generally have less search traffic, but long-tail keywords often generate more qualified traffic, meaning customers that are ready to purchase, and are less competitive.

As such, the Malaysia SEO Consultant at Datamind analyze both the amount of traffic a search term has on a monthly basis and the amount of competition for the keywords you have selected. This is done using keyword research analysis tools such as Google Ads. Moreover, the overall popularity of a search term can be evaluated with Google trends, and these tools give our SEO experts insights into how a search term performs over time.

Do SEO Experts Analyze my Website’s Current Keywords?

The Malaysia SEO experts Datamind also analyze the Google rankings and search traffic of your website’s existing keywords. If a web page on your website is already ranking well in Google’s organic search results for a specific keyword, you need to determine that amount of search traffic for that keyword experiences on a monthly basis, because a favourable ranking with a low traffic keyword can prove to be worthless due to the keyword’s inability to a healthy amount of attracting traffic. As such, the SEO experts at Datamind will provide you with ranking data for each keyword your website currently ranks for, the amount of search traffic those keywords have each month, and a number of recommendations on how each keyword can be modified, improved, or replaced with a better keyword in order to maximize the amount of value each keyword brings to your website’s overall performance.

Full Website On-Site Optimizations

Most people don’t realize that every channel you use for digital marketing has an impact on your company’s SEO efforts. PPC, social media management, website design, and other channels can each be used to improve your company’s website’s rankings on Google, because they are all used for the same purpose, driving traffic to your website and as a result, customers to your business. On-site SEO techniques share the same interconnected relationship that digital marketing channels have with SEO. Every improvement, change, or addition you make to your company’s website can improve your website’s rankings on all search engines, but the key to effective on-site SEO is being thorough and paying attention to even the smallest details of each web page.

At On the Map Marketing, our Malaysia SEO experts have spent years analyzing, evaluating, and dissecting every element that affects a website’s SEO performance. This meticulous analysis has allowed our SEO experts to utilize their on-site SEO skills to build highly ranked websites for businesses all over the world, and now, we are ready to help you!

SEO Experts that Focus on On-Site SEO

The question that most people ask when we discuss on-site SEO is “What is the difference between on-site and off-site SEO?” The answer is simple. On-site SEO is the process SEO experts use to modify content on a website in order to increase website’s rankings with search engines. In contrast, off-site SEO is the process SEO experts use to modify content on external websites like social media, online directories, and other outside websites that link back to your website. The process used for on-site SEO is thorough by its very nature. SEO experts analyze each web page based on every SEO factor available, and these factors apply to every aspect of a web page from the content that is visible to the user to the coding within that content.

Optimizing Headers for SEO

One of the most important things to remember about search engines is, they are designed by people, and as such, they analyze websites in a logical manner very similar to a website user. Due this, each point or topic discussed on a web page should be assigned a header, and headers on a website have different sizes h1, h2, h3, etc. Thus, an h1 header or the main header would be the overall topic of the webpage with subheaders such as h2 and h3 being used for main points and subpoints similar to an outline. Headers should follow a logical order, contain keywords if possible, and be specific and descriptive. Our Miami SEO experts structure web pages in this way, because this method allows Google’s crawlers to analyze, or for lack of a better word read, each web page and understand what the web page is about.

Optimizing Title Tags and Meta Descriptions for SEO

Certain SEO factors are optimized for the benefit of search engine users while also enabling a search engine to understand the content of the web page at the same time. Title tags and meta descriptions fall into this category along with other elements of SEO. A page’s title tag appears in a search engine’s search results as a large blue anchored text, and this text is what the user clicks on to be linked to a selected website. According to Google’s guidelines, each page should have a title tag, and the the Miami SEO experts at OTM create title tags that:

✔ Are descriptive
✔ Incorporate your selected keywords within the tag
✔ Receive a high amount of search traffic

Our SEO experts create title tags in this manner, because all of these factors are endorsed by Google as a good SEO practice for title tags. Meta descriptions build on the broad page description of a title tag, and they appear underneath the title tag on a search engine results page. Meta descriptions should be only 160 characters long, and they provide the user with a more specific description of what the web page is about. When a web page is being optimized by an SEO expert at OTM, the goal is to write meta descriptions for each page that:

✔ Incorporate keywords
✔ Are unique and different from other pages on your website
✔ Clearly indicate what the web page is about
✔ Are descriptive, error-free, and high quality

The Miami SEO experts at OTM constantly analyze the recommendations made by Google for meta descriptions, because meta descriptions are a critical aspect of SEO from both the search engine’s perspective and the user’s perspective. As such, our process for creating meta descriptions is always based on information circulated by Google. This ensures that our clients always receive the best possible results from their SEO campaigns.

Optimizing Images and Videos for SEO

Images, graphics, and videos play a significant role in the user’s overall experience with a web page. Engaging videos or images will not only add to the overall message the web page communicates to the user but also, encourage the user to interact and engage with the website by sharing a page on social media or simply clicking on a photo or video. Unfortunately, videos and images can also have a negative impact on a website’s SEO ranking due to delays in a website’s ability to load images and videos quickly and effectively. Consider this, according to Google, 53% of users visiting a website with a mobile device will leave if a web page takes longer than three seconds to load. Moreover, Google estimates that the probability of a mobile user bouncing from a website increases 123% for web pages that take between 1 and 10 seconds to load.

This means that your website needs to load as fast as possible while still offering the benefit of including videos and images within your content to the user. To accomplish this, the Miami SEO experts at OTM use the SEO techniques listed below and more to optimize your website’s images and videos:

✔ Use image and graphic file types that load quickly such as GIF, JPG, and PNG
✔ Only use images and videos where they are needed. Too often, website owners will include too many videos or images on a web page. This can cause very slow load times and hurt your website’s rankings on Google
✔ Compress all video and image files to facilitate quick loading times
✔ Use responsive images that accommodate both mobile and desktop users
✔ Create descriptive file names, titles, and captions for images
✔ Include high quality thumbnail images for videos

These strategies and others allow your website to load as quickly and efficiently as possible, and they optimize your website’s videos and images to appear in both search engine results and other parts of Google such as Google images, which can serve as an additional method of driving traffic to your website. Moreover, Google specifically endorses these strategies for both video optimization and image optimization.

Using Links for SEO

Google judges the quality of a website based on both the quality of the external websites that link to your website and the quality of the websites that you link your website to. This SEO factor serves a dual purpose. From a search engine’s perspective, high quality websites will invariably link to other high quality websites as means of validating any facts or claims made within the website’s content. From the user’s perspective, authoritative links provide the user with additional useful information that adds to the overall content of the web page. As such, the SEO experts at OTM incorporate links to high quality authoritative websites within the content of every web page on your website to improve your website’s search engine rankings.

In addition to incorporating links to other high quality websites within the content of each web page, the Miami SEO experts at OTM also incorporate links to other pages on your website. This SEO technique is referred to as internal linking. Internal linking allows Google’s crawlers to analyze your website’s content more efficiently, but it also allows users to seamlessly explore other pages and areas of your website, which increases the amount of time a user spends on your website and can ultimately have a positive impact on your website’s SEO performance as a result.

Does your Company’s Website need On-Site SEO?

We got you covered! The SEO experts at On the Map Marketing have been helping companies with SEO for their website for over a decade, and our SEO team has a massive portfolio of successfully built websites to prove it. So, if your company needs top of the line on-site SEO services give the SEO experts at On the Map a call today.

Niche-Specific Link Building Outreach

Which aspect of SEO Malaysia do you find difficult? If you said link building you’re not alone. 41% of large companies consider link building to be the most difficult SEO tactic. This is due to the fact that link building is the one SEO tactic that requires a website’s content to receive an endorsement from other external websites that are owned and operated by other people or companies. Moreover, for link building to be done effectively, your website needs to have not just any website link back to it, but rather, your website needs inbound links from high-quality websites.

However, your website needs to be of a high quality in its own right in order to attract website owners that are willing to link to your company’s website. The reason being, Google analyzes both quality of the websites your site links to and vice versa. As a result, company’s that own well established websites will not link to low-quality websites, because doing so could hurt their own search engine rankings. At On the Map Marketing, our Malaysia SEO experts have helped hundreds of companies build a large network of high quality external links to their website, but to really understand the process our SEO experts use to build links to your website, you need to first understand how links, both internally and externally, impact your company’s SEO campaign.

Why is Link Building Important for SEO?

Link building is an important aspect of SEO, because external links that lead back to your website validate the quality and caliber of your site’s content in the eyes of search engines like Google. However, our Malaysia SEO experts don’t just focus on building one type of link. We focus on a complete link building strategy that encompases every type of link used in an SEO Malaysia campaign including:

Internal Links: Internal links are links that connect one page on your website to another page within your website.
Outbound Links: Outbound links are incorporated into each page of your website, and they link to other high quality well established websites. This type of link is commonly used to give the user access to a source’s website if you are citing a statistic or fact, but can also be used to further elaborate on the information contained within the content of a web page.
Backlinks: Backlinks are links that connect from an external website to your website. They are the hardest type of link obtain in an SEO campaign, and links from highly reputable websites are often considered to be the most valuable type of backlink you can obtain.

Link Building Strategies

As with most SEO techniques, there is a right way and a wrong way to incorporate links into the content of your website. The Malaysia SEO experts at Datamind use link building techniques that are endorsed by Google to begin with as well as link building strategies that have been highly effective in other SEO Malaysia campaigns. Regardless of what type of link you are creating, Google has indicated that in order to rank well in search engine results, each link you create should be:

✔ Descriptive
✔ Concise; and
✔ Easily seen

Moreover, the Malaysia SEO experts at Datamind ensure that each link we incorporate into your website’s content is either well written and linked to high quality websites or properly and naturally linked to another page within your website. Moreover, our SEO experts utilize link building techniques designed to ensure that your link building efforts don’t have a negative impact on your website’s search engine rankings. Link building techniques that can negatively affect an SEO campaign include:

✔ Using generic link text such as “click here” or “this page”
✔ Using link text that has nothing to do with the website you are linking to
✔ Using hidden links that the user can’t easily recognize
✔ Using internal links that don’t help users navigate your website easily

Link Building with SEO Experts

At Datamind, our Malaysia SEO experts collaborate with a host of high quality reputable websites to build a network of backlinks to your website. These links not only help your website rank well on Google, but they also drive traffic to your website from reputable external sources. Moreover, effective backlinks often incorporate targeted keywords, come from niche specific websites that are related to your business, and appear naturally within the content of the website that incorporates the backlink. At  Datamind, our Malaysia SEO experts handle all of these SEO factors for you

Our SEO team will not only ensure that your website obtains the high quality backlinks needed to perform well on Google and other search engines. We will also ensure that the backlinks your website obtains are formatted to maximize the value of the link itself.

SEO Experts

At Datamind AI SEO, our team of Malaysia SEO experts have helped multiple companies successfully design and execute link building campaigns that allow them to achieve the search engine rankings their website deserves. Are you ready to find out how our SEO experts can help you? Call our office today to speak with an SEO expert and find out how our link building techniques can help improve your website’s search engine rankings.

Fully Optimized AI Content for your Business: SEO Content is King!

1,900 words, that is the average content length of a web page on the first page results in a Google search, based on an a study of over one million first page listings. Why does this matter? Well, at Datamind, our Malaysia SEO experts analyze every aspect of the web pages that achieve a first page ranking on Google, because we are a customer-centric company. As such, we know that our relentless analysis of every relevant SEO factor available allows us to utilize SEO techniques that have been proven to increase a website’s Google rankings for the benefit of our customers. In other words, the Malaysia SEO experts at Datamind are focused on one goal: helping your website become as profitable as possible.

The fact is, creating and posting fully optimized custom content on your website is one the most important aspects of SEO. According to Google’s SEO guidelines, “Creating compelling and useful content will likely influence your website more than any of the other factors discussed here.” That is why our Malaysia SEO experts will always tell you customized content is king!

Content Written by Miami’s SEO Experts

Remember, our SEO team knows that simply posting content on your website is not enough to ensure that your website appears on the first page of Google’s search results. Our SEO experts use a strategic calculated approach to writing content that incorporates each factor Google has indicated SEO-friendly content should contain. In this regard, the Malaysia SEO experts at Datamind focus on three dominant principles of creating search engine optimized content, which are:

✔ Content should be error free and should incorporate SEO-friendly attributes
✔ Content should be easy-to-read, unique, fresh, and follow a logical organizational format
✔ Content should be tailored to the user’s needs

SEO Content that is Error-Free and SEO-Friendly

Google uses a process called crawling to analyze billions of web pages on the internet, and these “crawlers” analyse three main factors by Google’s own admission: the content of new websites, changes in the content to existing websites, and broken links. Many of the SEO-techniques websites utilize to improve their rankings on Google are directly centered around the crawling process, and creating content is no exception.

As such, every piece of content our Malaysia SEO experts create is vetted to ensure that it doesn’t have any broken links or any grammatical, contextual, or spelling errors. Moreover, every web page our SEO experts design is formatted for search engine optimization by including:

✔ Proper title tags, logical and coherent headers, and descriptive meta descriptions that incorporate your website’s targeted keywords
✔ Active links to well established authoritative websites
✔ Text that naturally incorporates targeted keywords

Easy-to-Read Unique Content Written by SEO Experts

Every factor Google uses to judge the quality of a website is centered around providing users with the ideal online experience. SEO factors such as page load times, obvious links, and engaging content are just a few of the factors that Google’s algorithm uses to provide users with the best search results available, but for content to be engaging from the user’s perspective, it need to be easy to read and understand. This is one of the most challenging aspects of content creation, because website owners need to create content that explains complex concepts in a manner that users understand. Moreover, well written content is always original and interesting, never computer generated or edited.

At Datamind, we utilize a team of content writers with diverse niche-specific professional backgrounds that specialize in creating AISEO content. This group of Malaysia SEO experts not only focus their talents on creating the highest quality SEO-friendly content available. They also spend a large amount of time researching your business and industry to create content that is easy-to-read, eloquently written, and interesting to websites visitors.

SEO Content that is Tailored to Users’ Needs

The demands of users are reshaping the online industry. For example, mobile users in 2016 were 50% more likely to purchase something immediately from their mobile device than in 2015. Changes in how users interact with websites have dramatically changed the SEO landscape, and this fact is demonstrated by Google’s focus on page loading speeds for mobile users as an SEO factor. However, one dramatic shift in user behaviour is the way users are redefining the conversion process, or what we in the SEO industry refer to as the marketing funnel, by using online searches as an evaluation tool. This means that the content on your website needs to meet the needs of the user, or you will run the risk of sending a user’s business to your competitor.

To adapt to these changes in users’ behavior online, the Malaysia SEO experts at Datamind create content that is structured to accommodate the needs of both mobile and desktop users through the use of concise descriptive language in easy-to-consume paragraph formats. Moreover, our SEO experts provide users with facts, statistics, and data that they need to make an informed decision about the product or service your company offers. The changes in the type of devices internet users utilize to view a web page, and how they use the internet to evaluate products, services, and companies is what drives changes in how our Malaysia SEO experts create content to meet the needs of your website’s visitors. Moreover, our SEO experts are constantly adapting to changes in the digital marketplace to ensure that any content that’s posted on your company’s website meets the needs of your customers.

Customized SEO Content

At Datamind, our SEO Malaysia experts don’t make empty claims, and we have an extensive portfolio and list of testimonials to show the quality of the services our SEO Malaysia experts provide our customers with and the results our clients have experienced as a result of our SEO process. The only question is, are you ready to see how our SEO experts can help your business? Call our office today to speak with an SEO specialist who will explain what Datamind can do to increase your website’s rank on Google.

Customized Reporting Made Just for You!

Analytics data is the oxygen that allows SEO to breathe. Think about it: if you made improvements to your website and didn’t have a way to track the impact of those improvements, SEO would consist of just blindly using different techniques that you hope will improve your website’s search engine rankings. Luckily, the Malaysia SEO experts at On the Map Marketing (OTM) use some of the most powerful data & analytics and reporting software available to track your website’s progress, and report these results to you every month.

Our SEO experts use a wholistic approach to analytics. Meaning, they provide you with data demonstrating the impact of your SEO efforts that begins with your website’s search engine rankings and ends with how SEO is impacting your website’s conversion rates as well as including metrics for everything in between such a web traffic, your website’s bounce rate, and the performance of each digital channel that drives traffic to your website. Our most common metrics include:

✔ Search engine rankings for targeted keywords
✔ Website analytics
✔ Call measuring
✔ Conversion rate measuring

Tracking Search Engine Rankings with SEO Experts

The overall goal of SEO Services Malaysia is to rank well with search engines. So, this is where the SEO experts at Datamind begin their analysis of analytics data. At Datamind, our SEO specialists use powerful rank tracking software such as Google Search Console. Google Search Console and similar analytics products provide our SEO Malaysia  SEO experts with broad data such as the:

Number of clicks on your website’s search engine listing over a period of time: This information allows our SEO experts to demonstrate the impact our SEO team’s optimization strategy is having on your website’s performance.
Average search position: This metric tracks the average search position overall for all of the keywords your website ranks for on Google.
Click through rate: This data allows our SEO experts to measure the amount of times a user is clicking on your website’s listing on Google and compare that information to the number of times your listing was actually seen on a webpage, which Google refers to as an impression. Our SEO experts use this information to determine whether or not elements of your web pages need to be refined such as the page’s title tag or meta description, because a large amount of impressions is worthless if the user is not clicking on your website’s search engine listing

In addition to broad data, analytics software gives our Datamind SEO experts access to page-specific data and data on specific keywords. This data is used at the beginning of your SEO campaign to determine a benchmark and during the course of the campaign to track your campaign’s progress and effectiveness. Page-specific and keywords-specific data includes:

✔ The average position of your website for certain keyword searches
✔ The number of clicks, impressions, and the click through rate for your website in searches involving specific keywords
✔ The specific page(s) that are performing in searches associated with a specific search term.

This broad and page-specific information allows you to collaborate with our Dtamind SEO experts to determine not just the overall performance of your SEO campaign but also, any changes that need to be made to your website’s SEO strategy. Moreover, this type of analytics software allows our SEO experts to identify and fix an errors that might be hurting your website’s performance with search engines.

Website Analytics Reports Prepared by SEO Experts

Website owners are often unaware of the difference between search tracking software like Google Search Console and website analytics software packages like Google Analytics. The easiest way for our Malaysia SEO experts to explain the difference between these two software packages is, Google Search Console measures how your website interacts with search engines while Google Analytics measures how users interact with your website. When the information from each software package is combined, you can see the complete performance of your website from the time a user clicks on a search result on Google to the point that they contact your office to purchase a product or service.

Google Analytics has a host of different features that allow our Datamind SEO experts Malaysia to dig down into the data from your website, but there are a few categories of data that are critically important to your website’s SEO performance.

✔ Dimensions and Metrics: Google Analytics allows our SEO experts to analyze and evaluate critical user-related data that gives our SEO experts insights into how users interact with your website. These metrics include new vs. returning users, average time spent on your website, user location information, number of pages viewed per session, and more. This information gives you insights into how engaging your content, link placements, and your website’s design is from the user’s perspective.

✔ Channel Grouping Reports: Which channels are users utilizing to access your website? Search engines? Social media? Grouping reports by channel allows our Miami SEO experts to determine, which digital marketing channels are working well and which channels are providing your website with the most value. Remember, Google tracks how users interact with your website. So, the type of traffic being driven through each channel directly impacts how your website ranks on Google.
✔ Demographics and Interests Reports: If your company sells flights, how valuable would traffic consisting of users under the age of 13 be? The answer is probably “not too valuable,” but you don’t know what type of user is visiting your website without demographics and interests reports. These reports allow our Datamind SEO experts to determine the amount of qualified traffic, users that can and might make a purchase, that is being directed to your website. Moreover, this information allows you to determine if your SEO campaign is attracting users within your target market.

These are just a few of the powerful features Google Analytics and other website analytics software packages give our Malaysia SEO experts access to, and this information allows our SEO experts to make SEO-related recommendations, determine your SEO campaign’s effectiveness, and give you insight into the impact our SEO team is having on your website’s performance.

Call Tracking Reports from the SEO Experts

Most service-related businesses have two ways a website user can convert into a lead, phone calls and online form submissions. Form submissions can be easily calculated, but call tracking can be a more challenging metric to track. Fortunately, the Malaysia SEO experts at Datamind use powerful call tracking software that allows you to determine whether new or existing customers are calling your business and the specific channel that customers are using to call your company.

This information allows you to determine the effectiveness of your website’s local listing optimization efforts and call button placement techniques on your website. Moreover, call tracking can serve as an effective conversion metric that gives your company the ability to assess the value your SEO campaign is adding to your business.

Measuring Conversion Rates with DataMind SEO Experts

Every website owner wants to have a healthy amount of traffic being directed to their website from multiple sources, but web traffic that doesn’t convert into leads doesn’t generate value. This is why measuring your website’s conversion rate is a key performance metric for any website. Conversion rates, in general, follow a simple formula, the number of conversions divided by the number of website visitors, but effective conversion rate tracking also incorporates call tracking data into the analysis. If you receive a phone call from a customer that clicked a call button on one of Google’s local listings, is that a conversion? Yes, it is a conversion, because your website’s position on Google’s local listings is affected by its search engine rankings.

As such, the Datamind SEO experts use this information to gauge the effectiveness of your SEO campaign, your website’s design and structure, and whether or not your website’s content is effectively inducing conversions. The insights gained from this information allow our SEO experts to maximize your website’s conversion rate through a process called conversion rate optimization. Conversion rate optimization is a technique that is used by our Malaysia SEO experts to increase your website’s conversion rate by making changes to your website’s structure, design, and content. This process allows our clients to increase the value of their website by maximizing the website’s ability to transform website visitors into leads or purchasers.

How is Your Website Performing?

Call the Malaysia SEO experts at On the Datamind Marketing today for a website analysis that will give you insights into your website’s performance. Our Team of SEO Malaysia experts will explain which aspects of your website are performing well and how the Malaysia SEO experts at Datamind can help you make improvements to web pages that performing poorly.

SEO Malaysia With A Fresh Approach to Modern SEO Services

Custom SEO services Malaysia  designed for success in 2021:

We Can Target Your Competitors
Drive People to Your Website
Increase Sales and Leads

Your message will reach consumers wherever they go. Target unique users you have reached through any channel, and serve them relevant ads and search results across web and mobile. Extend your campaigns to reach customers everywhere, and deliver a targeted ad experience unlike any other.

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Top SEO Expert Malaysia With Website Monitoring

Sleep easy tonight! We automate Website Monitoring to let you know if we detect any issues

Speed/Security monitoring
Email deliverability (make sure your emails don’t go to spam)
Rankings changes
Competitor activity

Organic traffic driven by search engine optimization (SEO) is the largest source of website visitors to many websites.  We take a comprehensive and dynamic approach to increasing organic traffic with powerful SEO strategies.

SEO Experts with over 10 years in the Industry!

At Datamind, we are not in the  Malaysia SEO business. We are in the business of helping our clients succeed, thrive, and frame a marketing strategy that fosters business growth. Datamind has over ten years of experience in the Search Engine Optimization industry and currently operates on three continents. Our digital marketing strategies have helped hundreds of companies achieve the search engine rankings their websites deserve, increase their company’s revenues, and maximize their website’s lead generating capabilities. In fact, the Malaysia SEO experts at DATAMIND have been so effective that our agency was ranked in Inc. Magazine’s list of the 5000 fastest growing companies in Malaysia in 2017 and 2018!

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Dominate the Malaysia Market With SEO Services That Deliver!

Other marketing agencies work with subcontractors to perform portions of the services they provide, but this can cause delays in content delivery, subpar service quality, and price fluctuations. At Datamind, our agency performs every aspect of the SEO services we offer in-house. This allows our Malaysia SEO experts to ensure that every aspect of your digital marketing campaign is performed with the highest quality standards in the SEO industry and delivered on time. Moreover, by employing a team of marketing experts that specialize in different areas of SEO, your company can be confident that your SEO strategy is created with the input of web designers, content writers, and digital marketing specialists with years of experience in the marketing industry, and our Malaysia SEO team and web development is so extensive that On the Map can meet all of your company’s digital marketing needs in one place.

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Get More Website Traffic with AI, Malaysia SEO Services

Watch your local business transform with Malaysia’s largest SEO Agency

Effective SEO requires industry experts who have the knowledge and experience to adapt your SEO campaign to keep up with the latest Google algorithm updates.
We continually invest into research and development to ensure we stay at the cutting-edge of digital marketing, giving our consultants the tools and data to consistently achieve results for your business.

We continually invest into research and development to ensure we stay at the cutting-edge of digital marketing, giving our consultants the tools and data to consistently achieve results for your business.

What is Search Engine Optimizations (SEO)?

Search engine optimisation, otherwise known as SEO, is the process of optimising a website in relation to relevant and frequently searched key phrases so that the website achieves a higher ranking on the search engine results page (SERP).

In short, when a potential customer enters the key phrases into major search engines such as Google, the website should appear on the first page of the results. A high SERP ranking puts your website front and centre of potential customers who are actively looking for the products and services that you offer. This increases your potential for lifting traffic levels to your website significantly and in turn, bringing in more leads and sales. As the leaders in the field of SEO in Malaysia and across Southeast Asia, you can count on DataMind to boost the visibility and digital presence of your brand. get in touch with our professional web developer now.

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What do our SEO Malaysia Services Include?

Affordable SEO Price Malaysia Packages

Jump Start
RM 799
Keywords: 10
Key Phrases: 100
Rankings: Locally
Blog Post Per Month: 2
Guest Post Per Month: 2
Post Length: 800-1000 Words
Mobile Optimization: Yes
Speed Optimization: Yes
Usability Optimization: Yes
Keyword Research: Yes
Competitors Analysis: Yes
Analytics Configuration: Yes
Monthly Strategy Discussion: Yes
Social Channels Optimization: Yes
Technical Optimization: Yes
Internal Linking Structure: Yes
Content Editing Yes
Offsite Link-building: Yes
Lead Generation Focused: Yes
Monthly Custom Report: Yes
Monthly Review Call: Yes
Initial Setup fee: RM 1,000
Minimum Commitment: 6 Months
Get Started
RM 999
Keywords: 20
Key Phrases: 200
Rankings: State
Blog Post Per Month: 4
Guest Post Per Month: 8
Post Length: 1000-2000 Words
Mobile Optimization: Yes
Speed Optimization: Yes
Usability Optimization: Yes
Keyword Research: Yes
Competitors Analysis: Yes
Analytics Configuration: Yes
Monthly Strategy Discussion: Yes
Social Channels Optimization: Yes
Technical Optimization: Yes
Internal Linking Structure: Yes
Content Editing Yes
Offsite Link-building: Yes
Lead Generation Focused: Yes
Monthly Custom Report: Yes
Monthly Review Call: Yes
Initial Setup fee: RM 2,000
Minimum Commitment: 6 Months
Get Started
RM 1499
Keywords: 50
Key Phrases: 500
Rankings: National
Blog Post Per Month: 4
Guest Post Per Month: 8
Post Length: 1000-5000 Words
Mobile Optimization: Yes
Speed Optimization: Yes
Usability Optimization: Yes
Keyword Research: Yes
Competitors Analysis: Yes
Analytics Configuration: Yes
Monthly Strategy Discussion: Yes
Social Channels Optimization: Yes
Technical Optimization: Yes
Internal Linking Structure: Yes
Content Editing Yes
Offsite Link-building: Yes
Lead Generation Focused: Yes
Monthly Custom Report: Yes
Monthly Review Call: Yes
Initial Setup fee: RM 3,000
Minimum Commitment: 6 Months
Get Started
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We offer professional SEO services in Malaysia that help websites increase their organic search score drastically in order to compete for the highest rankings — even when it comes to highly competitive keywords.

  • Dentist SEO
  • SEO For Plumbers
  • Chiropractic SEO
  • Law Firm SEO
  • Roofing SEO
  • Photographer SEO
  • Accountant SEO
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Digital Options With Go DataMind Data Driven SEO

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Search Engine Optimization

Grow your business with white-hat SEO and custom built long term strategies. We also offer SEO Consulting.

SEO Experts

Behavioral Targeting

Leverage the way people shop and search online to place extremely targeted ads, so you can gain faster results with behavioral targeting!

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Display Ad Campaigns

Influence your exact online audience by running programmatic display ads with the help of behavioral targeting.

SEO Experts

PPC Management

We get you set up to advertise on Google and help drive high quality leads into your business.

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Website Design

We build totally custom websites that help you stand out. All of our sites are optimized to drive conversions.

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Youtube Marketing

Rank your commercials and YouTube videos found on the fastest growing search engine out there… the newest SEO tool available.

SEO Services Malaysia Frequently Asked Questions

Why should a company invest in SEO services?

Well planned search engine optimization (SEO) services can give your business a huge advantage. They can improve brand awareness, help you generate more leads, and fuel your bottom line. Put it this way, there are 69,000 Google searches every second, which adds up to 5.6 billion searches every day. That’s an incredible number of people going to Google with their queries.

So your company needs excellent SEO services Malaysia if it’s going to reach the people who use Google every single second to find answers. After all, SEO is the process of optimizing your website so that it achieves high rankings for your target keywords. But excellent SEO is what takes your website from the doldrums of search rankings up to the first page. This is really important because 81% of searchers never go beyond the first page of search results.

Let’s look at some more reasons a company should invest in Datamind SEO Malaysia. First, more than 40% of online revenue comes from organic search traffic. That’s a huge amount of shopping dollars waiting to be claimed. On top of that, SEO leads have a 14.6% conversion rate. Compare that to print advertising and other traditional methods which only manage less than 2% (1.7% to be specific). So your leads from SEO are more likely to turn into revenue than those from print ads. Now, look at the impact of organic search on bricks and mortar businesses: a huge 72% of people who do a local search will visit a store or supplier within five miles of their location.

Research shows that the average SEO campaign generates an ROI of 135%. And it’s no surprise when you consider what kind of organic traffic you can generate from SEO. The first ranked result for a search query attracts one-third of the traffic for that specific query. The fifth-ranked result only gets 5%. The more traffic you can attract to your website, the more potential customers you are generating.

Even poor SEO can increase traffic numbers. But it won’t provide you with the quality you need to get the best results. That’s why investing in professional SEO services is the best sustainable approach to revenue growth.

How do you measure the success of an SEO Malaysia campaign?

Unlike many the so-called SEO agencies, Datamind only care about vanity metrics in context of your overall business goals. Vanity metrics are things like traffic and page ranking. Focusing on only one or two metrics can lead you astray or give you false positives when your campaign is actually flailing. Don’t get us wrong, getting lots of clicks is important BUT clicks only matter if they translate to conversions and sales. After all, you can get thousands upon thousands of clicks, but unless they are converting to real sales, you’re wasting your time and budget. That’s why we always track and measure your campaign based on revenue metrics. By doing this, we can ensure every activity is focused on getting the maximum ROI from your digital marketing, content marketing, and advertising campaigns.

So how do we measure your campaign’s success? First, we ensure the right monitoring and tracking tools are set up properly. Google Analytics and Search Console are critical to every SEO campaign. Both allow us to accurately measure, collect, analyze and report on key data, which will help you secure a solid ROI from your digital marketing strategy.
Without an analytics platform that tracks correctly, you won’t have the right information to make strategic data-driven decisions about your search engine optimization campaign, or any other digital marketing spend for that matter. SEO metrics can be confusing, so we work side by side with you to ensure you understand what’s going on. We always do an analysis that pulls on a range of engagement metrics, traffic metrics, ROI metrics, conversion metrics and more. Then, we use these as benchmarks to see how you’re tracking and where we can improve your campaign.
What kind of businesses do you work with?

As a leading data-driven audience intelligence marketing agency, we work with businesses who are serious about driving revenue through SEO. You might be a local NYC business owner who wants to get in front of local customers – our local SEO services Malaysia will ensure you dominate local search. Are you the marketing manager of an enterprise company who wants to increase the ROI of your SEO campaigns? Maybe you’re launching a brand new product or service and want to reach a new customer base through Google search. Our enterprise SEO services are tailored to do exactly that.

Whether you’re a start-up, online business, local business or a Fortune 500 company, we have the experience and knowledge to help you get the results YOU want. There’s we’ve got the SEO services New York businesses trust. You need an agency that gets the local market, what customers are looking for and how customers are searching. In Kuala lumpur, Selangor, Penang or anywhere in between, we’re the SEO company that will help you bring in more targeted traffic, qualified leads, and ultimately more sales.

Why is DataMind the best SEO agency in Malaysia?

What makes us the SEO agency Malaysia businesses have waited for? It’s simple – we exist to get the results YOU want. Our SEO campaigns have proven track records in skyrocketing sales and revenue for 1000’s of intents globally. Because we are committed to your growth. We’re only interested in SEO Malaysia strategies that generate targeted traffic to your website, build your online presence, cultivate leads and drive those leads to your bottom line. (Check out our case studies if you want to see how we do it).

Another thing that makes us one of the best Malaysia companies? We steer away from any black hat methods used by other Malaysia marketing companies. As a Certified Premier Google Partner, our SEO experts rely only on trustworthy performance-driven online marketing tactics that drive your conversion rates. Because we know from experience that this is the best way to get long term, top quality results.

What is the simplest way to use SEO Malaysia to help your business?

The simplest way to use AI & SEO to propel your business revenue is to create a strategy. After all, effective and AI-powered SEO is about way more than technical tricks; it’s about understanding your potential customers and tailoring your website and content to their wants and needs. This calls for a unique blend of SEO techniques that are both on-page and off-page, creative and technical.

A good SEO strategy should include building an optimized website that loads quickly, uses keywords correctly, and displays properly on all devices. A slow-loading page can ruin the experience for any use. In fact, if loading time is longer than 4 seconds, you can lose 90% of your audience.
Building a content strategy is another essential element of good SEO Malaysia. Content is something that needs to answer your user’s burning questions. Every piece of content should add value for your website visitors. Matching your content to your user’s intent and demands is the most important thing here.
The final essential element of an SEO strategy is linking. This includes the external and internal links you add to your website, as well as building a backlink profile of other websites that link to your content. Links are the best way to build authority and demonstrate to search engines the trustworthiness of your site. At the end of the day, getting big success with SEO Malaysia starts a rock-solid strategy. Speak to us to find out the tried and true tips for SEO Malaysia.
How do you improve SEO performance?

The best way to improve SEO performance is to set clear goals, then track and report on your campaigns. Only by measuring your campaign against your goals can you make AI data-driven decisions for your future SEO strategy. We always work with our clients to determine your objectives. What’s your goal for SEO and how does it align with your broader business objectives? Let’s say, your goal is to increase rankings for target keywords, boost overall search visibility, increase revenue, or drive more traffic to eCommerce pages. We track and report on your campaign using your goals as a roadmap.

The key with any SEO report dashboard is not to focus on page ranking and other vanity metrics, but to look for trends and dig deeper into why things are happening. This enables us to adjust and refine your campaign. For example, we look at SEO health, which includes any technical problems and errors that can affect your site’s search performance and visibility. We explore your backlink portfolio to identify the quality of backlinks pointing to your site. How can we improve the type and quality of backlinks organically? Another area to look at is keywords. If specific keywords performed as well, we identify them and work out how to tackle them. User engagement is another critical area to monitor – what do visitors do once they’ve arrived on your web page? We compare dwell times, average time on page, bounce rate, and other metrics against your competitors and benchmarks.

Finally, we bring everything back to your business goals. Are you achieving real sales and conversions from your SEO budget? How is this improving? What opportunities are there to do better? This depth of reporting is essential to long-term SEO success. That’s what OMG pulls data from various sources, including Google Analytics, Moz, SEMrush, Ahrefs, social media and more, so together we can see how your campaign is performing and how to improve.

How do I choose the right SEO company Malaysia for my business?

You already know the importance of an SEO strategy for results. But you can’t execute that strategy with a lousy search company. So how do you choose the right SEO company for your business?

The first problem is not to get swayed by price. Many businesses go for the cheapest SEO company available. But you should be looking for an SEO agency with experience, expertise and a transparent approach. How will you know? The first most important thing is to ask them about their previous clients and successes. Ask them how they will get the same success for your business. What you’re looking for here is a data-driven answer. Remember, a great SEO agency won’t wax lyrical about the techniques they plan to use. Any agency can do that.

What you’re looking for is an SEO company Malaysia that focuses on data-driven insights and how they apply to your business. Any agency worth your time will create a custom plan specific to your growth goals. Haven’t told them what your growth goals are? They’ll ask you and then spend time getting a clear understanding of them. You’re looking for specialists who will develop a customized plan to help you achieve your goals. This needs to address the unique challenges you face every day. So, difficult though it may be, don’t get swayed by fast talk about results and fancy digital marketing techniques. Ask the agency to explain why and how those techniques will work for you.

There’s one essential thing to remember when hiring a Malaysia SEO agency: you need to find an agency that fits your business and will stay dedicated to helping you achieve YOUR goals. Dig deep into the agency’s processes and approach. Find out about the techniques they use, how they’ll adapt them to your goals and how they measure the results. At the end of the day, you’re looking for a partnership. Don’t team up with an agency that fundamentally doesn’t understand your business and challenges. OMG fits the bill. We’re ready to learn about your business and help you reach your goals. Talk to us today!

How much does SEO cost?

How much SEO costs is completely different depending on what you need. But it’s still a valid question. After all, you have a budget that you need to allocate to your marketing strategy. We get it. So, a good rule of thumb is to spend at least RM1,000 per year on SEO services for over 6 months. That’s the amount of time it takes to see tangible results. Fact is, there’s a huge number of variables in SEO service costs: Are you in a highly competitive industry in terms of search engine traffic? Do you have a broad target audience or multiple target audiences? What’s your website design like? Do you need other services, such as online reputation management? Are you looking for local Malaysian, local-wide, national or global marketing campaigns? What keywords are you targeting?

At the end of the day, you need to consider your SEO audience marketing as an investment, not a cost. That’s the best way to get long-term, sustainable results. Imagine your site winning new customers, every day of the year. Your revenue goals are in reach with search engine marketing done well. But driving serious results requires a team of experts to make it happen. And when it comes to expertise, a Malaysia SEO agency will be clued in on how to fine-tune SEO Malaysia strategies for maximum impact.

Outsource your SEO work to the right external agency, and you’ll get a technical site audit, keyword strategy, link building campaigns, reporting and years of experience — everything you need for SEO success.

The best way to know how much Malaysia SEO will cost you is to get your free no-obligation audit from Data mind. No catches – tell us a little bit about your business, and we’ll audit your website, show you how you’re performing versus your competitors, and craft a 12-month SEO success plan and budget for you. Having worked with 1000+ companies in Malaysia and all over the world, our specialist team knows what works.